Boots Shine & Sheer pantyhose

    As far as control top shiny pantyhose go, these babies are right up there with the best of them. The Boots Shine & Sheer pantyhose do not feature your regular control top, but rather a reinforced area in the shape of high-cut panties. The resulting panty is a bit larger than a classic T-top would be, but it’s still rather discrete and very comfy. As soon as one gets these tights out of the package it becomes obvious how strikingly shiny they are. They’re glittery rather and that great glitter-effect stays in place even when the pantyhose are stretched out on the legs. The first impression is that the pantyhose are extremely small, but their lycra content allows them to stretch out quite a bit, so eventually they will indeed fit the size they’re supposed to.

The panty is complemented by a cotton gusset and the body-seams are flat. The shaped heels create an overall sense of high quality. Besides the shiny touch-up they give the wearer’s legs, the Boots Shine & Sheer pantyhose exert a light shaping effect on the legs as well. The panty area, which is supposed to be a control top, only generates light pressure too. The waist is rather high but due to the light control panty, it isn’t likely to roll.
The composition of the material is 86% nylon, 13% lycra and 1% cotton (the gusset). The featured weight is 15 DEN.
What we found truly amazing about these nylons was the high-quality sheen they lent the legs. The sheen is as good as the effect generated by the Charnos Sheer Lustre pantyhose.

The bottom line: for around $10, these pantyhose give you great sheen, light shaping, and a very light 15 DEN structure. We would definitely recommend that you pick these up if you can. The control panty is one of the features that we loved as well.