Aristoc Catwalk Trends Shiny Floral Pantyhose

aristoc catwalk trends shiny floral pantyhose     Makers of the finest British hosiery, Aristoc do not disappoint with their Catwalk Trends series either. The Shiny Floral pantyhose we've singled out are indeed a pearl of this line through their unusual yet polished and sophisticated design. If you're aiming for that catwalk look, these pantyhose are the right choice indeed. These hose are on the thick-side as far as the material they made from is concerned. The 60 DEN pantyhose feature an intricate floral design which runs from the waist of the wearer right down to her toes.

The interesting thing about the pattern is that while the base material of the hose is not shiny, the patterns themselves are. This amplifies the curves and lines of the wearer's legs, drawing stares through the sheen, and dazzling through their sophistication. The makeup of the yarn is 88% nylon and 12% spandex. Aristoc's Shiny Floral pantyhose are available in pewter and in midnight black.
As with every Aristoc pantyhose, the sizing is spot on and the overall quality is excellent.