Aristoc Retro Diamond Pantyhose

Aristoc Retro Diamond Pantyhose     With the fall chill all over us, it is now high-time to turn our attention towards higher-DEN hosiery. While many hosiery lovers have this idea that higher DEN usually means less attractive, at 40 DEN, Aristoc's Retro Diamond tights prove that that view is quite faulty these days.
The Aristoc Retro Diamond pantyhose revive a little bit of hosiery history through the playful classic pattern they feature: the diamond pattern is a true retro touch indeed, however in this case, it comes veiled with a modern tint: the pattern is made up of soft petal-style shapes, which not only work towards instilling a more modern feel to the design, they also augment and favorably underline the shape of the wearer's leg.

To top it all off, these pantyhose aren't matte: they feature a discrete sheen, something that we here at truly appreciate. Another thing that we loved about these tights was the actual makeup of the fiber used in them: it's 91% nylon, 8% lycra and 1% cotton (the cotton goes into the gusset). High nylon content is always a plus as far as we're concerned, however those allergic to the material should consider this as a fair warning.

The actual texture and the look that these pantyhose create on the leg when properly stretched out, is true eye-candy indeed. To top that off, these pantyhose feel extremely silky and slippery on the legs too - another major mark in the "+" column for us.
The design is augmented by the fact that these are STW (Sheer to Waist) nylons, which means there are no vile disruptions of the pattern anywhere up the leg. The toes are re-enforced to prevent runs and the pantyhose end in a 4-cm deep waistband at the top, which is the mortal enemy of the muffin-top.

Worn for a night out, these pantyhose are like a magnet for the eyes, so if you do decide to wear them out, be prepared to handle all the extra attention.
They cost $34, so they're not cheap, but as far as we're concerned, they represent a more than decent investment.