Aristoc Opaque Cashmere Blend Pantyhose

Aristoc Opaque Cashmere Blend Pantyhose     If you happened across these pantyhose looking for a little bit of winter luxury for your legs, you have definitely come to the right place. These pantyhose are second to none when it comes to keeping you warm and lending your legs a Cashmere- encased luxurious appearance. Although they do not come cheap at all, they make quite a statement straight out of the package. The Aristoc Opaque Cashmere Blend tights are surprisingly lightweight, especially considering the fact that the high-tech yarns used in them feature a 100 DEN weight. The makeup of the material is quite peculiar as well. Unlike other nylons that we have thus far reviewed here, besides the usual nylon and lycra (which are only featured in a15% and 2% proportion respectively) the material also contains 75% viscose and 8% of Cashmere wool.

The material is extremely soft to the touch, but the real magic only begins when everything slips into place on the wearer's legs. Thanks to the special 3-D technology used in the knitting process, the fit offered by these tights is second to none. With hosiery of this quality, it is almost pointless to mention that the seams are flat and that there is a comfort gusset included in the construction of the panty.

One possible drawback would be the fact that the Aristoc Opaque Cashmere Blend tights only come in three rather somber colors: chocolate, grey and black.
While the sizes are spot on indeed, we need to include a word of caution for those who like their hosiery shiny and slippery like us: the cashmere content in these pantyhose make them a little fuzzy, and wooly, which means they don’t really deliver the "nylony" feeling other tights do. If this special "wooly" feeling is not your bread and butter, these tights will not cut it for you. At €30.5, picking them up would be a rather costly mistake too.