Pantyhose reviews

pantyhose reviews    The time will come in every woman’s life when – whether she hates it or likes it – she will have to don panty hose. When that time comes, you do not want to get things wrong. You see, not all tights were created equal. There are cheap brands out there that amplify everything that’s negative about hose. There are expensive brands out there which manage to do the same despite the steep costs. You know that sausage case feeling, that sagging around the ankles and that general, itchy feeling of discomfort… believe it or not, that doesn't come with every single pantyhose brand. There is hose out there that you will barely notice you have on.

There are styles and brands which will make you proud of your legs, without requiring you to trade in comfort for looks. We here at are true hosiery lovers, and experts as well. To us, the sausage casing thing is no problem. We are willing to do the “dirty work” of test-running and reviewing various panty hose brands, because simply we love it. Hopefully our pantyhose reviews will help you pick the right kind of hose for every occasion, and they will help you see the mild side of tights: the one lacking all the possible negatives while giving you the full benefits offered by quality hosiery. We can always pick the right size, so you'll be certain that the conclusions that we draw in our hosiery reviews are not negatively influenced by poor size selection. We can never emphasize enough how big a role proper size selection plays in the experience your hosiery will offer you.

Latest reviews:

Gatta 40 DEN Silver Chic Pantyhose Platino Cleancut Knee High Socks
Gatta Eve 8DEN Pantyhose Gatta Sassi Pantyhose

A Aristoc Bodytoners pantyhose B Boots Shine & Sheer pantyhose
Aristoc Catwalk Trends Shiny Floral Pantyhose
Aristoc Opaque Cashmere Blend Pantyhose
Aristoc Retro Diamond pantyhose C Calvin Klein Invisible Control pantyhose
Cecilia de Rafael Uppsala pantyhose
Cecilia de Rafael Panty Bra pantyhose
D Danskin Ultra Shimmery Footed Tights
Diamond Brilliant pantyhose
Diamond Classic pantyhose
Cette Cannes pantyhose
Donna Karan "The Nudes" pantyhose Cette Dijon pantyhose
Cette Salta Fashion pantyhose

Charnos Betty Pantyhose
Charnos Elegance Pantyhose
Charnos Floral Net Pantyhose
F Falke Gardner pantyhose Charnos Metallic Pantyhose
Falke Kelly pantyhose Charnos Thong Brief Pantyhose
Couture Sheer Shine Pantyhose
Falke Sharon pantyhose
Fiore Raula Pantyhose G Gaetano Cazzola Clio pantyhose
Gatta Hosiery Reviews
Gatta Eve 8DEN Pantyhose
Gatta Sassi Pantyhose
Gatta 40 DEN Silver Chic Pantyhose
Fiore Catrin pantyhose Gerbe Cupidon Pantyhose
Gerbe Desir pantyhose
Gerbe Fatal tights
Gerbe Smoking Back Seam Pantyhose
Fogal All Nude pantyhose Giorgio Armani pantyhose
Fogal Caresse pantyhose Giorgio Armani 40 DEN High Gloss pantyhose
Fogal Catwalk pantyhose Gipsy Big Spot Pantyhose
Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights
Gipsy Sheer Gloss 15 Pantyhose
Gipsy Translucent Ultra Sheer Pantyhose
Girardi Sceri Mock Holdup Pantyhose
Girardi Summer Pantyhose
Givenchy Body Gleamers Pantyhose
H Hanes Silk Reflections Silky Sheer pantyhose Glamour Aloe 20 pantyhose
Hanes Silk Reflections – Soft as Cashmere pantyhose
Henry Holland Bones pantyhose
Henry Holland Gingham Pantyhose
Hosieree Invisible pantyhose
Hudson Glamour Glossy pantyhose J Jonathan Aston's Block Pantyhose
Hue Lacy STW pantyhose Jonathan Aston Cabaret pantyhose
Jonathan Aston Chained Pantyhose
Jonathan Aston Gartered Pantyhose
Jonathan Aston Phantom Pantyhose
JOOP Perfect Skin pantyhose
K Knittex Isabelle pantyhose JOOP Bodyshaper pantyhose
Kunert Fashion Lace Trimmed leggings JOOP Strass Cornflower pantyhose
Kunert Leg Control pantyhose
L Le Bourget Edith Fashion Pantyhose
Le Bourget Teint Magique pantyhose
Leg Avenue 15 DEN Backseam Pantyhose with Tassel Bow
Leg Avenue Faux Garter bodystocking
M Mondex 15 DEN pantyhose Leg Avenue Sheer Faux Garter pantyhose
Leg Avenue Tiger Tattoo pantyhose
N No Nonsense Perfect Tones Silky Sheer Spandex Control Top pantyhose Levee WoMan Perfect Skin pantyhose
Linea Oro Bella Pantyhose
No Nonsense Ultra Sheer Pantyhose Louis Vuitton LV Monogram pantyhose
O Omero Luxor 20 pantyhose P Pamela Mann Oversized Spot pantyhose
Oroblu Active Legs Revolution 40 pantyhose
Oroblu Brigitte
Philippe Matignon Premiere 15 Pantyhose
Oroblu Shakira pantyhose Pierre Cardin's Summerlight 8 Pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Dentelle Leggings
Pierre Mantoux Douceur 8 Pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Flou 5 Pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Flou 15 Pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Lorine pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Raye Pantyhose
R Red or Dead Pammy pantyhose Pierre Mantoux Isabel pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Mary Pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Panther pantyhose
Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 Pantyhose
Platino Cleancut 15 Pantyhose
Platino Cleancut Knee High Socks
Pretty Polly Black Superstar pantyhose
S Silkies Ultra Shapely Perfection pantyhose Pretty Polly Naturals Sun Oil Sheen Pantyhose
Silvia Gym pantyhose Pretty Polly Pretty Sparkly pantyhose
Sisi Fascino 20 pantyhose Pretty Polly Pretty Twirly pantyhose
Solidea Naomi 30 pantyhose
Spanx Super Shaping Sheers with a High Waist – Body-Sculpting Hosiery
Pretty Polly Banded Lace Design pantyhose
Pretty Polly Curves Dot Diamond pantyhose
T Tamara Pantyhose (Hooters Pantyhose) Pretty Polly Lace Secret Slimmer pantyhose
Trasparenze Anthea pantyhose Pretty Polly Playful Ribbons pantyhose
Trasparenze Action – Stylishly Alluring
Trasparenze's Ardith pantyhose
Pretty Polly Pretty Dotty Lace Dot pantyhose
Pretty Polly Pretty Striking Tights Pantyhose
Pretty Polly Tum and Bum Shaper
Trasparenze Blossom pantyhose
Trasparenze Buckle Strip Pantyhose
Trasparenze Jkai pantyhose V Veneziana Panta Milla pantyhose
Trasparenze Nawra pantyhose Victoria's Secret Glossy Smooth Pantyhose
Vixen Farrah Mid-Calf Seamer Pantyhose
Trasparenze Ribbons Pantyhose
Trasparenze Roma pantyhose
Trasparenze Romantic Pantyhose
Trasparenze Tokyo pantyhose W Wolford's Fatal Neon
Trasparenze Tropea Toeless pantyhose Wolford Nola pantyhose
Wolford Mimi Pantyhose
Trasparenze Brazil Pantyhose Wolford's Hero Pantyhose