Pantyhose pros and cons

pantyhose pros and cons    For hosiery lovers, the pros of the good old waist-to-toe nylons are obvious. The very feeling (that so many of the haters complain about) is definitely one of the advantages fans would point out. The feeling of being sheathed in fine nylon from waist to toe is an exquisite one for some, while others complain about the “sausage casing” feeling. I suppose the trick to enjoying the feeling of hose is to just not focus on the tiny little itches, and general impression of being encased, and to only pay attention to the feeling of being protected and having your muscles supported in a weirdly pleasant manner while at the same time, your legs are turned into magnets for the eyes of most people.

An advantage which is obvious to both fans and foes is the fact that panty hose beautify legs quite radically. They hide blemishes, varicose veins and they smooth out the texture of the leg. They also disguise pale legs and because of the compression they exert, they can have a slimming effect on the leg as well. As a matter of fact, the sliming effect is due to a combination of factors like texture, sheen and compression. The same compression will also stimulate circulation, which is a more than welcome benefit for women who spend long periods of time on their feet while at work. The very existence of medical purpose hosiery underlines the fact that there are indeed health benefits to wearing panty hose.

Due to the smoothing effect and to the overall more chiseled look they lend the wearer's legs, sheer pantyhose make the wearer look more professional. Last, but certainly not least for some of the ladies out there, tights appear to have a peculiar power over men. More precisely, they're considered more than a little attractive by the vast majority of males. That would pretty much explain why establishments which cater for a male audience (like Hooters) require their girls to wear specific hosiery as part of their uniforms.

pantyhose pros and cons As obvious as some of the pros listed above are, the cons make quite a bit of sense too. Some folks may love the feeling of nylons, but I bet if they were forced to wear hose in the Florida heat for a while, they would redefine their perception of being encased/restricted. Despite the fact that the sole reason why some women feel hose are too constricting is the fact that they don't pick the right panty hose size, that point needs to be listed as well. This takes us to another entry on the "cons" list: tights aren't quite suitable for plus size. I would beg to differ on this one though: some extremely large size panty hose are commercially available, all one needs to do is to look for them hard enough. Plus size ladies feeling constricted in hose can be written down - again - to the improper selection of size.

Pantyhose are made of an extremely delicate fabric, there's not getting away from that fact. Quality hose don't snag and run as easily as cheap brands, but they still do get ruined with a much higher frequency than say nylon-lycra leggings. They do tend to be expensive as well, so replacing them is not exactly a cinch either.

The fact that waist-to-toe nylons are old-fashioned is often brought up as a "con" argument, but we just can't accept that on this site. Today, there are a wider range of hosiery styles manufactured than ever before, and young girls seem to be more creative than ever about using tights to build their image. While some styles (like the simple control top) may not be as popular as they used to be, we cannot pin that stigma on all styles.
Quite probably the biggest drawback that exists regarding pantyhose is the fact that it's made of synthetic fibers rather than natural ones, which can lead to unpleasant skin reactions in some people. Because panty hose maintain high temperatures in the genital area, they can also facilitate bacterial explosions which lead to yeast infection, something that nobody is ever really in the market for. While some specialists advise women who struggle with such problems to try different types of hose, for these ladies just tossing the garment aside may indeed be the best option.