Wolford pantyhose

Wolford hosiery    Today, Wolford is synonymous with high-end expensive hosiery, the quality of which never – under any circumstances – disappoints.
The company, like pretty much each and every one of the hosiery manufacturers, had humble beginnings though. It was founded way back in 1949, by Walter Palmers and Reinhold Wolff, and it was initially called Wolff & Co KG. The company was based in Bregenz am Bodensee and it had its own dye shop. It was perfectly positioned to take full advantage of nylon’s first thrust into Europe.
Wolford began the manufacturing of nylon stockings as soon as the material became available in Europe.
The Wolford brand was first registered in 1950.

Pantyhose were first manufactured at the Wolford plant in 1953. Soon after, circular knitting machines were introduced which made it possible to create seamless pantyhose. That same technology – of course with the due upgrades- is still in operation today, allowing the company to claim the position of the best known and most appreciated hosiery-company ever.
Wolford started manufacturing other women’s clothing items in 1964. A new production branch was created and three years later, a new building was erected at the original Bregenz site.
In 1988, the company was reorganized into Wolford AG, and in 1995, company shares hit the stock markets.
Nowadays, the company possesses 14 international subsidies and it has become known as the market leader in women’s luxury hosiery, underwear and swimwear. Well known international fashion designers like Emilion Pucci and Jean Paul Gaultier have worked with Wolford.
For more information on the brand, check out www.wolford.com

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