Trasparenze Hosiery

transparenze hosiery    As you know, we here at love Trasparenze, the brand. The company behind this exquisite hosiery-line is apparently Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana, an Italian hosiery maker located in the heartland of the Italian (and global) pantyhose industry: Castelgoffredo, Mantova. Being one of the oldest and best-established companies in the region, Nouva Virgiliana is a true innovator, continuously researching new hosiery-manufacturing technologies while always adhering to some top-of-the-line quality requirements.

The quality of the hosiery they create, combined with the superb and exquisite designs, have turned Nuova Virgiliana into the preferred partner of many a great fashion brand. These partnerships are hailed by the company as much deeper than one’s regular supplier-customer relationship. Thanks to the cutting edge technology they employ and to the sophistication of their machinery, Nuova Virgiliana are basically able to turn every wild dream of hosiery designers into reality.

Every one of Nuova Virgiliana’s customers enjoys full exclusivity and confidentiality on the part of the company from the concept-stage all the way to the implementation phase. What that basically means is that one may actually wear a Nuova Virgiliana product and not even know about it. Trasparenze seems to be the "home brand" of the company though, as they’re not secretive at all about being the creators of this superb hosiery-line.
To learn more about Dolci Calze, take a look at (site features a version in English too).

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