Razzamatazz Hosiery

Razzamatazz tights    Razzamatazz is an Australian hosiery brand. Launched in 1972, Razzamatazz burst onto the television screens down under, becoming an instant hit through the Razza Girl commercials. The famous “oh, oh!” motto is born and women as well as men find themselves enveloped in the Razza craze. Through the 70s, the brand conquers the Aussie market. The first major Razzamatazz innovation comes in 1979, when the anti-static sheers range is launched. Advertised as the perfect choice for Razza girls on the move, the anti-static range becomes an instant hit as well.
1980 sees a new selection of Razzamatazz commercials launched. These commercials are about showcasing the way Razza Girl manages to turn the heads of man on the streets of Melbourne.

The 80s were all about color and Razzamatazz bought into the trend by launching several colored product-lines like Dazzlers, Color Magic and Gelati.
1988 is a major milestone in the history of the brand. It was then that the company launched the Silken Feel range, which – to this day – is one of their best selling styles.
In the late 90s, figure-shaping pantyhose were in. To keep up with the trend, Razzamatazz launched its Body Magic range, which features a slimming panty area. In the competitive world of hosiery, innovation never stops. Making use of the latest technological advancements Razzamatazz launch their Ladder Control pantyhose in 2009. Thanks to the special knitting technique, holes and snags in the ladder control pantyhose don’t turn into runs/ladders.

For more information on the Razzamatazz products and brand take a look at www.razzamatazz.com.au