Pretty Polly hosiery

pretty polly hosiery    Founded in 1919 by Oswald Buckland and Henry Hibbert, Pretty Polly got its name from a race horse.
The company started the production of ladies silk stockings and hosiery with only 10 workers and two machines. Fully fashioned stockings were first made in 1924, and the name “Pretty Polly” was acquired in 1927. The history behind the name is as follows: in payment for outstanding debt, the company agreed to take over a hosiery wholesale company which was founded by the daughter of a bookmaker, who had allegedly amassed a fortune off a horse called Pretty Polly. Hence, when his daughter went into business, he insisted that she name the company Pretty Polly.

The invention of nylon in 1937 paved the way for Pretty Polly’s success. Between 1932 and 1938, production reached 48 million pairs of hosiery a year. The Second World War did exert a toll on the company’s finances, but unlike other businesses, when the war was over, Pretty Polly surfaced in a position that allowed it to begin to focus resources on expansion.
The beginning of the 50s saw the company expand at a never before seen rate. The textile recession of the mid 50 put an end to that trend though. Growth returned towards the end of the 50s. 1957 was the year when the company was taken over by Thomas Tilling. The Hibberts part of the brand name was ignored from there on out. Tilling also owned Walton Hosiery, with which Hibberts and Buckland was combined in 1961, under the name: Pretty Polly Holdings Limited.
The beginning of the 60s marked a time of innovation and growth. The company started manufacturing non-run seamless stockings and its market share began to grow steadily. Products were re-branded and new logo was adopted: the parrot logo gave way to the flowery Pretty Polly.

The real break-through for the company came in 1967, with the invention of the hold-ups. Having given women the choice to wear stockings without the fuss and discomfort associated with garters, the company shot to the number one spot virtually overnight due to the popularity of its hold-ups.
Production capabilities were yet again expanded and in 1968, Pretty Polly scored another home run through its one-piece tight, which didn’t exactly start out a hit with the public, but the advent of the miniskirt soon made it a necessity for everyone.
During the 80s, production soared together with women’s interest in hosiery. Ever sheerer styles were produced and lycra was added to the products beginning with 1982.
Technological innovations continued through the 80s, allowing Pretty Polly to become the first company to manufacture 5 DENIER pantyhose.

Several highly successful ad-campaigns were run by the company through the 80s/90s and new hosiery ranges (like the Miss Polly) were launched.
1998 was the year when Pretty Polly began to probe the body-wear market.
In reaction to the “bare legs” trend, Pretty Polly launched their Love Legs campaign, offering products to pamper and beautify bare legs in 2008.

In the fall of 2008, the Secret Slimmer range was also launched, meant to give women the possibility to enhance their figures through hosiery.
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