Pompea Hosiery

Pompea tights    Pompea is a relatively young Italian hosiery brand, well-known world over for its "No Stress Style" motto and the products which align with it. The brand’s history is closely interwoven with that of the Filodoro company which has already been covered on the pages of this site. The Pompea brand was launched in 1996, by Adriano Rodella, Filodoro’s
founder. Pompea SPA, the corporate entity behind the brand, started producing and distributing pantyhose and hosiery that same year.
In 1998, the company expanded its brands portfolio through the addition of the Mimi and Glory brands of the Spanish Gassol company.

In 1999, Pompea introduced the first seamless women’s underwear line. In 2000, an ad-campaign was launched, which introduced the "no stress style".
In 2001, the company’s product-range was expanded with the addition of men’s underwear and socks. This range featured seamless underwear as well.
Pompea’s brand acquisitions continued through 2002 and 2003, when the Barbie for girls and the Roberta underwear brands were added to the Pompea portfolio.
The Pompea Kids Collection was launched in 2005, featuring a further expansion of the product range. This collection included a swimwear range too on top of the hosiery and underwear lines.

2006 saw yet another product range added: sleepwear, for men, women as well as for children. In 2007, the company focused on expanding its Italian distribution network, doubling the number of its outlet shops.
In 2008 and 2009, other products were added: the Pompea Cotton underwear line and the Pompea Silver Collection.
2010 saw the launching of the company’s medical hosiery line, the Medical Collection.

The bottom line: Pompea are the makers of high quality comfort-focused hosiery. For more information on Pompea products and the Pompea brand check out www.pompea.com (available in English too).