Pierre Mantoux Hosiery

pierre mantoux tights    Ottorino Giangrossi used to import hosiery from Germany to Italy in the years before 1932. He then figured starting his own hosiery business would make perfect sense and got into the fray by creating Industria Lombarda Calze a Telaio, which manufactured stockings in a factory in Milano. The superior quality of the silk hosiery made by Ilcat soon drew in the female customers, and a certain level of success was attained before the Second World War put everything on hold. After the war, US and British knitting machines were brought in, upping the pace and quality of production significantly. The technological innovations made it possible for the company to diversify its products.

The true turning point in the history of the company was when Ottorino’s son and wife joined. The move didn’t just bring fresh ideas to the fold, it also freed up Ottorino to dedicate his time to yarn-research and innovation. Thus the Pierre Mantoux brand was born. Under the guidance of Remo, Ottirono’s son, the company started manufacturing fine pantyhose decorated with various little lace inserts, polka dots etc. That eye for feminine detail is the trademark of the Pierre Mantoux brand to this day. Before the advent of the Pierre Mantoux brand, the company’s entire production went to the wholesale market. With Remo at the helm, that changed and soon, Pierre Mantoux pantyhose could only be purchased in retail stores.

Ottorino’s wife, Velia, was also heavily involved in the promotion of the brand. She presented the products personally and took feedback from customers. Color was at the top of the customer requests, and that is why Pierre Mantoux began adding no fewer than 56 different color-nuances to their tights.
The brand really came of age during the 80s when all the major Italian fashion designers like Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Alberta Ferretti, Mariella Burani, Dolce e Gabbana, Romeo Gigli and Armani included the products in their collections. The diversification of the product lineup continued unabated and every new style Pierre Mantoux came up with became an almost instant success. By then, the demand for Pierre Mantoux hosiery had grown into a global phenomenon. All the fashion designers were after the tights, as well as the public in all the major capitals of the world. Wearers of Pierre Mantoux hosiery included British royalty: the brand had truly reached the highest peaks of success.

When Remo passed away, daughters Patricia and Fulvia got involved as well and today, they are the ones carrying the family business. Over the years, despite the massive success and the fashion world’s apparently unquenchable thirst for more Pierre Mantoux hosiery, the business has remained a small family owned one. Even though they find it quite impossible to satisfy the orders they get, the marketing philosophy of the brand demands that it maintain its current shape and size.
In 2009, Pierre Mantoux opened a shop in the center of Milan to mark the 50th anniversary of the pantyhose invented in 1959. Those interested in acquiring Pierre Mantoux pantyhose can do so at that shop, but of course, the tights are available through various online hosiery shops as well.

For more information on the Pierre Mantoux brand and products, take a look at www.pierremantoux.com/en/home.html.

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