Philippe Matignon Hosiery

Philippe Matignon tights    The name ‘Philippe Matignon’ may conjure visions of a famous French fashion designer, but the truth is this hosiery brand is 100% Italian. According to hearsay, the name of the brand was inspired by the name of a street in Paris: Avenue Matignon.
The company was founded at the beginning of the 80s to in response to the growing popularity of hosiery among women. At first, Philippe Matignon operated out of a small shop with a limited number of employees and limited technological possibilities. Back then, the various hosiery pattern designs were created manually, on millimeter paper. The company designers played around a lot with colors around this time.
The most outstanding Philippe Matignon creations of the 80s were the Collant Gold 15 of the Elegant line. Later, higher DEN versions of the same pantyhose were produced too, and thus the Gold 20 and Gold 40 were born. The shiny Dorella 20 was also a hit product of the company in the 80s. Starting with the second half of the decade, all sorts of innovations were introduced, both in materials and in technology, which led to the development of ever better products.

The 90s saw huge technological advances in computer-aided design. This allowed the company to pretty much ignore all limits on its designs. Some of the most creative and most beautifully designed Philippe Matignon pantyhose were created during this time. A perfect example of the jump in quality and design was provided by the company’s Summer Line launched in 1996.
In the 2000s, the company has begun releasing regular seasonal hosiery lines. The star-product of the 2000-2001 Autumn line was the Ideal Collant, which featured an invisible waistband.
In 2004-2005, the most popular products were the fashion knee-highs. Philippe Matignon’s Seduction range offered never before seen detail and design for these hosiery-pieces. The success of the knee-highs continued through 2006.

December 2003 represented a major turning point in the history of the brand. It was then that it joined the Golden Lady group, the biggest European and quite possible world-wide representative of the hosiery industry. It wasn’t long before Philippe Matignon became the crown-jewel of the Golden Lady group. Philippe Matignon products can be purchased online in a variety of online hosiery shops, as well as in Golden Lady’s GoldenPoint shops.
In 2011, the Philippe Matignon brand was launched in the US, through Revival Brands LLC.
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