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no nonsense nylons    Owned by the Kayser-Roth Corporation, which is in turn an affiliate of the Golden Lady Group, No Nonsense has been one of the most recognizable hosiery brands in the US ever since its 1973 introduction. Nowadays, the brand is about much more than just pantyhose though: they make leggings, dress socks, panties, athletic socks and novelty socks as well as sleepwear.

The year the brand that has over time become the face of the US hosiery industry has been introduced was 1973. It wasn’t until 1978 though that the famous/infamous No Nonsense Control top pantyhose saw the light of day. The green packaging together with the quality of the product (which was then considered to be top-notch) quickly turned No Nonsense into America’s most recognizable hosiery brand. The popularity of the No Nonsense control top pantyhose soared among women.

The next breakthrough quality-wise came in 1986 for No Nonsense: the new 16-point graduation technology allowed for the creation of pantyhose which would fit the wearer better, thus increasing her comfort.
1993 was the year when the Great Shapes line of the company was launched. The Great Shapes pantyhose were hailed by the company as the first ever tights to feature a shaping effect while retaining the classic role of pantyhose.
1996 saw the introduction of the Sheer Endurance line. The Sheer Endurance collection featured high quality hosiery, meant to re-assert the company’s dominance on the US market.
In 1997, No Nonsense’s signature control top pantyhose were overhauled. The new invisible control top has also been adopted by Calvin Klein.
In 1998, the role of pantyhose was yet again redefined by No Nonsense and HUE. The new products offered therapeutic benefits for wearers.
Keeping with the hosiery trends, the company launched the Almost Bare line in 1999. Further technological advances regarding toe seams were made in 2000. In 2002, yet another hosiery line – one dedicated to busy, active women – was launched.
2004 was the year when the company first ventured into women’s underwear.
In 2005, the brand was re-launched, its packaging overhauled and new products like sleepwear and athletic socks were added to the lineup.

From 2005 to 2011, new product categories (like shaping bras and Flex Fit socks) have been introduced, as the company continued to create pantyhose despite the fact that it had lost quite a bit of its market share to foreign (mainly European) brands.
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