Levante Hosiery

Levante tights    Levante is yet another Italian hosiery manufacturer from the province of Mantua. The company was founded in 1969 in Castrel Goffredo, the focal point of the Italian and world hosiery industry. As far as history goes, Levante are relative newcomers to the industry. Like so many of the other pantyhose makers in the Mantua region, Levante started out as a small family business. Years of innovation and progress have turned it into one of the major players who continue to thrive despite the ever increasing global competition.
The headquarters of the company is still in Castrel Goffredo.

The Levante plant is spread over an area of 100,000 square meters. The modern technology currently at the disposal of the operation makes Levante able to produce 300,000 pairs of pantyhose each day. Levante turns over about €110 million each year. The edge that the brand has over its competitors is obvious: years and years of experience, tradition and innovation are behind it.

The quality of the Levante hosiery is excellent. The one factor that sets the brand apart from all the other competitors though is the unparalleled diversity of the styles of hosiery it produces. In 2002, Levante acquired Jonathan Aston, an English manufacturer famed for its outstanding style range. Levante continues to manufacture most of those pantyhose styles under the Jonathan Aston brand. The brand is well represented in online hosiery shops worldwide.
Levante is currently a market leader in Italy, Russia and Australia, but Levante products are available in 40 countries spread over every continent.

For more information about Levante, take a look at www.levante.com.au.