Leg Avenue Hosiery

Leg Avenue tights     If you’re even a tiny bit interested in hosiery, there’s no way you don’t know about Leg Avenue! The brand has become synonymous with risqué hosiery and costumes over the years. If you have some kind of a fantasy regarding pantyhose/stockings/bodystockings or just about anything hosiery-related, you can count on Leg Avenue to fulfill your dreams.
The company can trace its roots back to 1984, when the Tsai family started a hosiery business. They designed unique stockings which they would then sell in LA, at various kiosks and meets. Hosiery has always been at the core of the business, but the operation quickly branched out into lingerie and then costumes. The actual Leg Avenue brand was established in 1999, when the Tsai’s decided to take the operation to the next level, making it possible for their various new product concepts to come to life.

The fantasy costumes created by Leg Avenue proved to be an instant hit and these days, Leg Avenue dominate the Halloween as well as the fantasy costume industries in the US. They have more than 650 costume styles currently and their inventory is continuously growing. They never neglected the hosiery-related part of their business though, and these days if you pick up a sassy body-stocking somewhere, chances are you’re buying a Leg Avenue product. Hosiery-wise, the company carries around 300 styles, many of them unique and unavailable anywhere else.

Nowadays, Leg Avenue is a multi-million dollar business and one of the top intimate apparel wholesalers. Leg Avenue products can be purchased in a variety of online and offline shops.
For more information about Leg Avenue, take a look at www.legavenue.com.

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