Kunert Hosiery

kunert tights    The same way BMW and Mercedes represent the finest in German automotive engineering, Kunert stands for the best in German-made hosiery both technologically and design-wise. Indeed, when it comes to hosiery and sheer leggings, Kunert are definitely among the top brands. They make a wide selection of pantyhose, thigh-highs and sheer leggings featuring a great assortment of appealing styles, patterns and colors.
Needless to say the materials used in the making of Kunert products are of the highest quality, yet the resulting end-product is sold at a surprisingly low price. That in fact is one of the main selling points of the brand: its unparalleled quality-to-price ratio.

Obviously, the brand is a great innovator and trend-setter too, something that we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com value a lot.
The company manages to strike a fine balance between sticking to tradition and striving for continuous change and innovation. This sort of approach allows Kunert to create a virtual canvas of style which offers modern women the possibility to develop their own individual style almost free of any sort of boundaries.
Indeed, if you take a look at our pantyhose review section, you will find several extremely different styles of Kunert hosiery reviewed, from the more traditional to the stylishly sober modern, all the way to the goofy, playful.

Kunert’s brand portfolio includes Burlington and Hudson, and given the great market penetration achieved by the company, some of its products are licensed under brands like Bruno Banani and Mexx.
Women’s sheer hosiery is not the only department in which the company excels. They produce outerwear and men’s socks too, but we’re pretty much only interested in ladies sheer leg-wear, and in that respect, Kunert have certainly earned our appreciation.
For more information on Kunert products or for making online purchases, take a look at www.kunert-usa.com.

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