Jonathan Aston Hosiery

Jonathan Aston tights     A UK born and bred pantyhose brand, Jonathan Aston is renowned for the wild patterns and vibrant colors used in the designs of their tights, nylons and socks. The company was founded in 1965 in Leicester, which was a hotbed of the hosiery industry back in those days. Ralph Salem was the one who had the ingenious idea of using knitting machines destined for the production of sheer, plain pantyhose to make fashion pantyhose featuring wild patterns and spectacular colors.

The trend caught on fast and the Jonathan Aston brand was soon on its way to the top. From the polka-dot patterned pantyhose so popular in the 60s, to fishnets and bold flower patterns, the Jonathan Aston product range covered everything the women of the 60s/70s could desire. Pretty soon, some of the hottest fashion icons and celebrities in Britain were rocking Jonathan Aston’s nylons.
A major turning point in the history of the brand came in 2002, when the company was acquired by the Melas Group, the owner of the Levante brand. Fashionistas were about to cry foul as the disappearance of a rather unique speck of color and creativity from the face of the fashion industry seemed imminent with the retirement of the founder. Fortunately, the Jonathan Aston style archives survived the move, and thus the production of the Jonathan Aston pantyhose continued uninterrupted. The only difference is that the production facilities are in Italy now instead of England. The quality is still quite outstanding and whether one is looking for tartan, leopard-print or vertical stripes, she will find it in the Jonathan Aston collection.
Most of the online hosiery shops carry the brand, so all one really has to do is to log on, read a couple of reviews and to make the purchase.
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