Hue Hosiery

Hue tights    If you’re looking for fun and fresh fashion, Hue hosiery is the obvious choice. As a matter of fact, “Fun, Fresh Fashion” is the motto of the brand. Hue is a brand of the Kayser-Roth Corporation, which – in turn - belongs to the Golden Lady Group. Style-wise, HUE represents a fresh speck of color in the hosiery fashion industry. Their brand is known for the pantyhose, panties, socks, slippers and sleepwear they produce. Sold exclusively in specialty stores and department stores, HUE products have been popular with women on account of their trendy and stylish nature.

HUE was founded in 1978 by a couple of female artists in New York, who took a more lighthearted approach to fashion. That approach proved to be highly successful and over the course of three decades, the HUE brand has grown into the very synonym of an alternative view on fashion. While HUE’s brightly colored leggings, socks and printed pantyhose do indeed represent the essence of the brand, that’s not all they’re famous for. HUE do sell high quality sheer hosiery too, of the type so highly regarded on the pages of this website.

The Kayser-Roth Corporation, which is the current owner of the HUE brand is an American born and bred company, with its headquarters in North Carolina, the traditional land of US-made hosiery. The corporation also maintains design and merchandizing offices in NYC.
Kayser-Roth is in turn owned by the Golden Lady Corporation of Italy, one of the world’s largest legwear and hosiery conglomerates. Golden Lady is represented throughout Europe through countless specialty shops and it is also the owner of some of Europe’s most popular pantyhose brands.
It was through the combination of the strengths brought to the table by Golden Lady with the American style and spirit of the HUE brand that allowed the company to branch out into sleepwear, panties and accessories.

For more information about the HUE brand and HUE products, take a look at You may also want to access the brand’s facebook page, where they have a detailed presentation of their various departments as well as of the actual people whose efforts shape and mold the brand’s image on a day-to-day basis.

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