Gipsy Hosiery

GSipsy tights    The company behind the Gipsy brand has quite a past to look back on. It was started in 1946, by Rudolf Bresley, who used to buy and market hosiery from Kunert, in Czechoslovakia. The company itself was founded in 1955. Since then, Gipsy hosiery has become Britain’s top legwear fashion representative. The company has earned the “Best Legwear Supplier of the Year” award, handed out by the Associated Independent Stores every year between 2004 and 2008. It’s also picked up the award in 2010.

The Miss France line was the company’s first major hit. Marketed in Britain as hosiery made in France, in around 1966, the timing was perfect for the Miss France pantyhose. It was around that time that miniskirts hit fashion mainstream and the new pantyhose came extremely handy for ladies struggling to make fashion ends meet with the miniskirts and stockings.
In 1975, the company went looking for production facilities abroad. Italy, the world’s most happening pantyhose hotspot was the perfect answer. Thus, Gipsy became the first British hosiery brand to outsource production to Italy. It would soon be followed by many more, setting a more or less global trend which is in full effect to this day.
Gipsy’s goal has been from the very beginning to establish a loyal customer base through quality, speedy and reliable delivery and competitive pricing, thus securing brand loyalty. To this day, Gipsy take pride in the fact that they can dispatch 95% of the orders they receive within 48 hours.

The business model is one so often seen in the hosiery industry: Gipsy is a small, family-run business, currently into its 3rd generation of owners. The range of Gipsy products is quite amazing: they cover the 7-300 DENIER range, and they have an amazing selection of 150 different styles on offer.
During its humble beginnings, the company only marketed 20 DEN pantyhose, but these came in no fewer than 30 colors, so there were options available back then too. Lycra was added during the 80s, revolutionizing the entire product range of the company.
For more information about Gipsy hosiery and the brand itself, take a look at, where purchasing Gipsy products is possible too.

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