Giorgio Armani Hosiery

Giorgio Armani tights    If you thought Giorgio Armani actually produced their own hosiery-line, we’re going to have to disappoint you: they don’t. Whatever pantyhose you see sold under the Giorgio Armani brand, is in fact manufactured by Wolford. The licensing deal was reached in 2004. Before that, Armani used to produce a limited line of hosiery, but it soon became obvious that they simply could never hope to fulfill the demand of the market on their own. With that in mind, Giorgio Armani decided to team up with Wolford, considering the industry-leading status of the hosiery company.

Of course, Wolford were delighted to have been picked as a strategic partner for such a prestigious brand. Their new hosiery line has since become one of the world’s most popular and quality-wise it is still quite unparalleled to this day.

Under the agreement reached between Armani and Wolford, Wolford would start producing and distributing their first Giorgio Armani line of hosiery and body-wear in 2004. The retail network through which the new Wolford-Armani products are sold include the Armani Collezioni and Giorgio Armani boutiques. These pantyhose can be purchased online too.
For more information on the Giorgio Armani brand go to, but be warned: you will not find a whole lot of information on hosiery there. For that you may want to check out or Wolford brand page, and some of the Wolford-produced Giorgio Armani pantyhose we’ve managed to review.

Reviewed tights:

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