Gerbe Pantyhose

gerbe tights    Gerbe Paris are manufacturers of luxury hosiery. If you’re looking for lace-topped stockings, back-seam pantyhose and various extremely fine patterns and designs, and you’re prepared to cough up up to $50 for a pair of hosiery, then Gerbe is definitely the right kind of hosiery brand for you.
The company itself has quite an illustrious, not to mention long history to look back on: founded in 1904, by Stephan Gerbe, the hosiery manufacturing operation had been a family business for a good while. Eventually, after changing hands several times, the company ended up a member of the Rhovyl Group in 2003.
The quality of the Gerbe products is quite unquestionable. All it takes is one look to tell that these tights do indeed carry all the marks of quality one would expect of high-end hosiery.

The Gerbe pantyhose feature lined (cotton) gussets, special (often double-braided) fibers, invisible reinforcements of the heels and the toes, shaped legs and flat body-seams. In addition to all that, what we truly appreciate in Gerbe products is the eye for detail with which their designers are obviously endowed. Gerbe hosiery features sleek and feminine, as well as sensual patterns which make reaching deep into one’s pockets so much easier when purchasing. These are pantyhose that customers will fall in love with at first sight, and the love affair is bound to only heat up after the pantyhose slip into place on the wearer’s legs.
Gerbe’s Plumetis Spotty pantyhose have been featured in Vogue Magazine. Various Gerbe products are regular fixtures on the runways of many a great fashion designer like Paco Rabanne, Chanel, Christian Dior etc.

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