Gatta Hosiery

gatta hosiery    For some reason, I always figured that Gatta was an Italian hosiery brand and that it was an ancient one. Well, it turned out it’s neither of those. Gatta is Polish and the company behind the operation, FERAX was founded in 1993, which makes Gatta a member of the ‘new wave’ of hosiery manufacturers in Eastern/Central Europe. Unlike some of the other hosiery makers from the region though, Gatta have conquered a much bigger market world-over, through the quality and exquisite design of their products.
While some pantyhose makers seem to stick to a few basic and proven styles, Gatta roll out a huge and diverse collection every season, which makes shopping at their online outlet quite an experience indeed. These guys always seem to have a nice surprise up their sleeves and that is apparently a great way to make customers return.

Technology-wise, the company has come a long way since 1993. Investments into state of the art machinery have paid good dividends and the company can currently be regarded one of the top European pantyhose manufacturers. With success came a branching-out effort into other product ranges. Currently, Gatta Collant – the pantyhose range of the company, has been joined by Gatta Bodywear, Gatta Cottoline, Gatta Active and Gatta Underwear for men.

All the largest urban centers in Poland boast a Gatta brand shop, which means that the company has more than 100 product outlets in Poland alone. The international expansion of the Gatta brand was focused mainly on the EU and Russia, but Gatta pantyhose have reached as far as Australia.
Whether or not Gatta plan to make a US-ward move too is unclear, however, given the disparity in the popularity of various hosiery pieces in the US and Europe, combined with the shipping costs, such a move is probably unlikely in the near future. US-based customers can in the meantime purchase Gatta products in some of the online hosiery shops which carry the brand.

Gatta have received the Consumer’s Golden Laurel trophy 5 times in Poland, in appreciation of the reliability and high quality of the products they market.
For more information on the Gatta brand, take a look at Don’t be intimidated by the language: the site is available in English too.