Gaetano Cazzola Hosiery

Gaetano Cazzola tights    It is not an easy feat to dig up information about the Gaetano Cazzola hosiery brand. Their products are everywhere, however even the biggest online pantyhose retailers say they don’t know a whole lot about the brand and company, except for the fact that their products are indeed excellent.

From what we could gather, like Pierre Mantoux, Gaetano Cazzola is a small family-owned Italian business. Even the style of hosiery they make reminds one of the exquisite quality and eye for detail that the Pierre Mantoux designers are known for. Unlike Pierre Mantoux though, Gaetano Cazzola is not a particularly ancient enterprise: according to their website, the brand has a history of more than 30 years to look back on. The principles behind the success of the company are the same: a marriage of tradition and innovation, with a little bit of customer feedback sprinkled on top: the recipe never fails. Unlike many of the hosiery brands we have presented here at, Gaetano Cazzola seem to limit themselves to the design and production of pantyhose and various other hosiery items like women’s fashion socks, thigh highs, knee highs etc.
The Gaetano Cazzola product range is one defined by the seasons. Every year, they launch a spring-summer and an autumn-winter collection. They have a wedding collection as well a luxury, a classic and a chic&sensual collection.

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