Fiore Hosiery

Fiore tights    Judging by its name, most people would say Fiore is an Italian hosiery brand, but it is in fact a Polish one, and it isn’t just any Polish pantyhose brand: it is one of the fastest growing and one of the most dynamically developing hosiery companies in Europe. Fiore was founded in 1998, so it doesn’t have a whole lot of tradition to fall back on, it does have innovation on its side though. There are several ingredients to the success of the company: on one hand, Fiore products are high quality ones.
There’s been no compromise made on this level even as the pricing was set to be extremely competitive. Then, Fiore features a huge diversity of styles. There are over 120 pantyhose styles and colors spread over 6 distinct product ranges.

The Classic line is the everyday range of the company. The focus in this product line is on comfort and quality. Design elements take a back seat to functionality.

The Elite line is the flagship line of the company. Only the finest materials coupled with state of the art knitting techniques are used for this range.

The Medica line features products which carry medical benefits for the wearer: they’re aimed at correcting various imperfections of the body and facilitating recovery.

The Golden Line is our favorite product-range. Golden Line products feature intricate and extremely feminine patterns, including mock garter ones and just about anything sensuous one can imagine.

The Street range is aimed at teenage wearers, featuring mostly knee-highs. The Young Lady line features pantyhose for kids.
The bottom line about Fiore: this is a company that has found the way to combine quality products and great design with extremely competitive prices.

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