Filodoro hosiery

Filodoro nylons    Filodoro is a heart-and-soul Italian hosiery maker, located in the midst of “pantyhose-land”, in Castiglione delle Stiviere, in Mantua province, one of the hotspots of the hosiery industry in Italy.
The brand is one the most appreciated Italian brands, established way back in 1982. Of course, back then, the company was not exactly known in its current shape and form. For 11 years, it operated under its initial structure from Casalmoro, until 1993, when a multi-national company with a significant US share took over. That company was Golden Lady Company SpA group, which has since acquired other famous pantyhose makers like Philippe Matignon too.
Filodoro is known for its commitment to offer product selection of an unparalleled breadth, while adhering by the highest quality standards.

Having recognized the importance of ceaseless progress in the hosiery industry, the company has made it its mission to constantly research and study ways to improve its products. It is also one of the company’s main goals to maintain an excellent quality/price ratio. Filodoro has apparently also identified a new market segment: males. The company’s products are nowadays also tailored to fulfill the specific needs of male hosiery wearers (through the Filodoro Uomo line), while never shifting any focus away from the ladies (Filodoro Calze, Filodoro Classic, Filodoro GD).

Thanks to the constant growth it has seen pretty much since its inception, the Filodoro brand is nowadays a household-name among hosiery connoisseurs all over the world. The main focus of the company marketing-wise is currently on Europe, (Spain and Russia in particular) but overseas markets (like that of Canada) are also in the crosshairs.
Around 60% of Filodoro’s sales are made in foreign countries.
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