Dorian Gray Hosiery

Dorian Gray tights    Dorian Gray is a Spanish hosiery brand, which has 40 years worth of history to look back on and tradition to live up to. Don’t feel guilty if you consider yourself a pantyhose enthusiast and you haven’t yet heard of the Dorian Gray brand: its popularity seems to be limited to the Spanish-speaking areas of the world (and yes, that seems to include Mexico), but one can actually purchase Dorian Gray pantyhose online, regardless of one’s physical location.

Dorian Gray have manufactured socks, stockings and pantyhose for women, children and men for almost a half century.
The company’s logistics center, a sprawling 6,000 square-meter plus complex is located in Lugo. That’s where all the distribution work starts. According to Alejandro Saenz, Dorian Gray’s Commercial director, throughout their history, Dorian Gray have focused on adapting to the continuously changing market-conditions, and properly satisfying their clients’ needs and wants. That includes fast and optimal product delivery, which has enabled to company to develop a global reach and a faithful brand following in various areas of the world.

The company is kind with its distributors as well. New collections are periodically introduced, with the goal of minimizing the impact of the ever changing and evolving fashion trends. All seasonal collection-introductions are done early, giving distributors the opportunity to stock up on popular items in time, and sell out before the trend fizzles out.

The motto of the company is something along the lines of: quality isn’t worth a whole lot if it fails to catch up with fashion trends. Trying to stay a step ahead of the said trends comes with the added benefit that he company can thus afford to innovate and experiment, itself actively influencing the course of hosiery fashion in Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands, areas covered by the direct distribution chain of the brand.
Dorian Gray products are made from European materials, defying the global trend of moving production facilities and raw material sources to developing countries in order to take advantage of cheaper labor and material costs.

Dorian Gray roll out superb women’s hosiery collections time and time again, but one of the main edges the company possesses over the competition is the fact that they focus on men’s socks as well – an area we here at aren’t particularly concerned with.
The bottom line: Dorian Gray combine tradition with innovation perfectly as they roll out trendy novelties while staying true to their roots.

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