Dolci Calze Hosiery

Dolci Calze Tights    Dolci Calze is one of the Italian hosiery manufacturers with a great history to look back on. This company was producing hosiery by 1939, and they have kept at it since. Of course, over the decades, there have been countless innovations in production as well as design, so nowadays, Dolci Calze pantyhose are among the mainstays of fashion runways world-over. Indeed, some of the world's most renowned fashion designers use Dolci Calze pantyhose on their models to highlight their own creations.

During the 40s, the company produced silk stockings, which they marketed in flashy and intricate wooden packaging – obviously a favorite of the ladies.
The first nylon fibers made their way into the production line of the company in the late 50s and early 60s. It was then that the first Dolci Calze branded stockings hit the Italian stores.
The 70s saw another small revolution at the company: it was during those years that the first patterned hosiery pieces were created. The metallic lurex yarn was also introduced during the 70s.
The 80s saw a marked growth, as the product line of the company was refined and colored tights were produced for the first time.

During the 90s, production lines were overhauled and fancy, fine, patterned hosiery production took off. Dolci Calze hosiery took on its currently known look. During the 2000s, several other – less visually impressive – innovations were introduced, mainly in regards to the quality of the yarns used. The research department of the company was mostly responsible for these.

Dolci Calze hosiery is a strong middle market-range producer, which takes pride in the exclusive nature of the yarns it uses and in the uniqueness of its designs. Dolci Calze products can nowadays be bought all over the world, through many of the top online hosiery shops.
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