Diamond Pantyhose

Diamond    The Diamond pantyhose that we’ve reviewed in our pantyhose review section are made by a company known as Adesgo, in Romania.
The company was founded way back in 1926, by Arthur Drechsel and it quickly grew into a regional powerhouse of a sock and hosiery manufacturer. Modern knitting machines and skilled personnel were brought in from 1926 to 1940 as the company began to expand its operations. It all came to a harrowing end with the outbreak of the Second World War. After the war, all previously German-owned property in Romania became the property of the Soviet Union. Adesgo was turned over to the Romanian state in 1954.

After that, the company regained its leading position in the Romanian hosiery market. As such, it was the first to introduce a whole string of innovations in the hosiery manufacturing process in the country. It was the first to introduce synthetic fiber in 1953 and seamless pantyhose in 1960. It then continued with textured polyamide in 1969 and jacquard-patterned pantyhose in 1993. 3D-lycra was introduced in 1996. All along this time-frame, the company continued to develop and to expand its manufacturing facilities, as well as the quality of the machinery used and the skills of its personnel.

1993 marked a major milestone in the history of the company: from state ownership, it found its way back into the hands of private investors. The updating and replacing of the knitting technology continued at an accelerated pace afterwards.
Thanks to a major investment from N.V. Bonneterie Bosteels de Smeth S.A. of Belgium, the company soon boasted state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and production was further expanded.
LOAR B.V. became the main shareholder in the company in 2002.
Still the biggest hosiery manufacturer in Romania, Adesgo SA was turned into a major international player through Argaman Industries LTD, a member of which it became through the LOAR B.V. takeover.
Whether one can buy Diamond hosiery anywhere outside Romania is hard to tell. None of the major online hosiery shops seem to carry the brand either.
For more information on Diamond hosiery, check out www.adesgo.ro.

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