Decatex Pantyhose

Decatex    Don’t feel guilty if you haven’t ever heard about Decatex. It’s not exactly a mainstream hosiery company, but its products do appear to be of decent quality and the designs of their shiny pantyhose are often quite breath-taking so they do indeed deserve to be mentioned on this website. A while ago we received a few samples from a friend in Romania (Decatex is a Romanian hosiery company) and we happened to like the look of these tights so here we go.

Decatex was founded in 1993, being the first 100% private-owned hosiery company in the country to use lycra in its products. It is currently a DuPont licensee, so the lycra used in their pantyhose is indeed genuine lycra.
The knitting machines first used by the company were made in the 80s and they obviously didn’t keep up with the required quality standards. Almost as soon as things got rolling though, the old knitting machines were replaced with new, Italian-made ones which made it possible for the company to create a truly competitive product-range.

Decatex have taken part in many an international fashion exhibition, like the Moda Prima Milano in 1998. They even pocketed the International Trophy for Quality in 2001.
Although the company seems focused on satisfying the needs of the Romanian hosiery market, their website does boast a tie to Madison Hosiery Leeds, which means that Decatex products may just be available for direct purchase in the UK.
The raw materials used for the making of Decatex pantyhose come from various areas of the world, mostly from prestigious manufacturers. The nylon fibers are made by Nylstar and Nilit and the dyes are from Bezema, Switzerland.
Purchasing Decatex products may prove problematic for just about anyone outside Romania and we’re not even sure whether their nylons can be purchased online or not.
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