Comfort4Men pantyhose

Comfort4Men hosiery    As pantyhose slowly but surely become a mainstay male clothing and fashion item, more and more companies begin manufacturing nylons especially designed for men.
Comfort4Men is a German company which is far from buying into such commercially motivated trends. According to founder Angelika Weiss, the aim of the Comfort4Men products is a practical one above all else. Of course, the esthetic benefits of the Comfort4Men tights cannot be ignored either.

The idea of launching a hosiery range exclusively built for the male anatomy and targeted at the male public, came when a relative of the founder, who had to wear compression tights out of necessity after an operation, complained about the poor fit and the lack of comfort that came with regular medical hosiery.
The thought of developing pantyhose dedicated exclusively to men wasn’t exactly an instant hit with the founder’s family but she did not lose faith in the viability of the idea. As it turned out, she was right to push the envelope a little in the beginning. The Comfort4Men tights are currently among the best solutions for men battling a variety of medical conditions like spider and varicose veins. The esthetic advantage that the Comfort4Men pantyhose offer over traditional underwear is well illustrated through a side-by-side picture comparison of the products with some longjohns at the comfort4men website.

Among the advantages offered by the Comfort4Men hosiery, the website lists sports performance enhancements of about 2-3%. It has indeed been scientifically proven that the compression exerted by support pantyhose does in fact induce a minor performance increase in athletes.
As men become more and more open towards the idea of male hosiery and as taking the extra step in the interest of health and personal well being ceases to be a female-only preoccupation, the Comfort4Men hosiery range is pretty much guaranteed to become more and more successful.

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