Charnos hosiery

Charnos nylons    Based in England, Charnos Hosiery was established in 1936, at the dawn of the age of pantyhose. Obviously, having survived for that long, the hosiery experts at Charnos have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to satisfying the needs and wants of a wide category of potential customers.

Charnos are really a go-to company for all those who like to pamper their legs while realizing their full potential: they manufacture pretty much everything under the sun in the matter of pantyhose and nylons. They have basic sheers in their collections, opaques in a variety of different colors, fashion pantyhose as well as various net designs and party styles.
Whatever kind of pantyhose one needs, she will most likely find it at Charnos. Not only does the company pamper its customers by providing a lavish product selection, it also educates women on the combined power of hosiery and legs.

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- Charnos Metallic Pantyhose
- Charnos Thong Brief Pantyhose
- Charnos Elegance Pantyhose