Cervin Paris Hosiery

cervin paris hosiery    The history of this 100% purebred French pantyhose brand stretches back all the way to 1918, when it was founded by Auguste Massal in Cevennes, the center of the French silk industry. The initial name of the company was L’Arsoie, which means "the art of silk". Back in those days, silk was the only material for quality stockings and L’Arsoie built a name and reputation on its hand-made silk stockings and luxury packages.

Andre Massal followed in his uncle’s footsteps and he was the one who actually established the Cervin brand in 1953. Andre Massal’s tenure with the company lasted till 2004, when his son, Serge took over the reins. Serge rang in a more modern attitude at Cervin Paris, introducing the industrial production of stockings and even pantyhose. Despite the increased focus on volume, quality has never suffered at Cervin. Under Serge, the product selection of the company was much diversified too. Besides the traditional stockings, tights, leggings and cashmere hosiery are nowadays made by Cervin too.

Driven by nostalgia, the leadership of the company began researching old hosiery-knitting machines and technology, so after two years of painstaking tweaks and adjustments, they managed to reach a level of quality which turned Cervin’s fully fashioned stockings the best in the world.
Needless to say, high-end Cervin hosiery is extremely popular with celebrities and A-listers world-over.

For more information on the brand and the Cervin Paris products, take a look at www.cervin.fr.