Celeste Stein Hosiery

Celeste Stein tights    Looking for quality printed pantyhose, tights, socks and leggings? Keen on buying US-made products? Celeste Stein Designs is the obvious answer. Celeste Stein are not only recognized as the biggest and best-appreciated US manufacturer of printed hosiery, they’re internationally acclaimed. All of their production facilities are located in the US. Galveston, Texas is the location if their print facility, where over 2 millions of pairs of socks, pantyhose and leggings are made.
The company makes specialty hosiery too, like fishnets, lurex pantyhose and they have recently started making printed T-shirts as well.

A female-owned business, Celeste Stein is always on top of the latest trends. As a matter of fact, due to the constant innovations and the high value they place on creativity, the company is often responsible for launching and driving trends, rather than just following them.
New Celeste Stein products hit the shelves of boutiques and department stores world over on a regular basis.
Celeste Stein pantyhose and other products have been known to be featured in some of the top fashion magazines out there. Celeste Stein legwear has been featured on fashion runways, used by designers such as Todd Oldham, Moschino and Roberto Cavalli.
In addition to the 1,800 print styles included in their catalog, the company is able to customize any print style.
Celeste Stein products are sold by a variety of high-profile distributors and they’re available online in some of the top hosiery shops that we cooperate with.
A member of many a prestigious business association, Celeste Stein are definitely not the makers of everyday low budget pantyhose.

For more information on the brand and the Celeste Stein products, take a look at www.celestestein.com.