Bellinda Nylons

Bellinda pantyhose    The Bellinda pantyhose brand may not really be known to hosiery enthusiasts in the US or in the UK either for that matter. It does seem to be pretty big in Eastern Europe though, and it is a brand the roots of which reach back all the way to 1882, therefore it deserves a place on the pages of this website.
The company was established by Josef Heinrich Vatter in the Czech Republic in 1882. It initially manufactured socks and hosiery.
1920 saw the company expand its operations to Budapest, under the guidance of the founder’s sons, Heinz and Alfred Vatter.
After the Second World War, Fred Vatter, the grandson of the founder established Vatter GmbH in Schongau, Germany.

The actual establishment of the Bellinda brand came in 1950, when Fred Vatter was joined by Dr Otto Palme at the head of the company. Vatter GmbH started expanding in 1982, when they acquired Dieckhoff and Schulte together with the Nur Die and Opal brands.
In 1989, the Elbeo brand joined the roster, and the whole operation was overtaken by the Sarah Lee Apparel Corporation Chicago.

In 1992, the company secured a strong Eastern European foothold through the establishment of Tricotbest CR s.r.o in Czechoslovakia. After Slovakia and the Czech Republic had split, the company set up shop in Slovakia as well. During 1995, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Hungary became hosts of company branches too.
1998 saw the opening of a major distribution center in Dolni Redice, a center which proceeded to supply to Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian and Slovakian markets.

In 2002, Tricotbest was renamed Sarah Lee Apparel CR which was then in turn renamed Bellinda Ceska Republika s.r.o in 2006, giving birth to the modern Bellinda brand.
For those of you who may have been wondering, yes, there are 2 Ls in the Bellinda hosiery brand name.
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