Bebaroque hosiery

Bebaroque    Bebaroque is one of the newer protagonists of the international hosiery scene. Founded in 2007, it is certainly a young hosiery brand when compared to old-timers like Aristoc, but that doesn’t take anything away from the speck of unique color it brings to the market.
Bebaroque make and sell high-end hosiery. Many of their products feature hands-embroidery and therefore they don’t run cheap at all. It is not uncommon to find pantyhose that cost several hundred EUR or USD at Bebaroque, although there are cheaper products available as well under the same brand.

The company was founded by two textile and fashion specialists, Mhairi McNicol and Chloe Patience, who both completed their BAs at the Glasgow School of Art in 2005. Mhairi then remained at the GSA, while Chloe got a Master’s degree at the Edinburgh College of Art. The two of them began designing legwear separately but eventually joined forced to create Bebaroque: a breath a fresh air and a completely unique approach to hosiery marketing.
Mhairi is apparently the one who does the embroidery while Chloe Patience deals with the drawing and the planning phase. All Bebaroque products are hand-embroidered and manufactured in Scotland.

Following its establishment, the company took full advantage of the unique nature of its products and enjoying some high profile backing from The Princess Trust and the Business Gateway, as well as the NESTA program, it began a meteoric rise to the top echelons of the fashion industry.
Nowadays, every fashion-conscious hosiery enthusiast knows the company as well as what its success is due to.
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