aristoc    The Aristoc brand was created and registered in 1924, by a Langley Mill based hosiery company, which was one of the first to produce high quality silk stockings in the UK. The first marketing efforts designed to enhance sales through advertising commenced as early as 1926. Back then, Aristoc products were portrayed as “the aristocrats of hosiery”.

It wasn’t until the 1930s that the company truly emerged in its current form and under its current name. It was in 1933 when the Cocoon, the company’s magazine was launched. In 1934, the company changed its name to Aristoc Ltd. In that same year, a cutting edge materials research facility was developed and the company was publicly listed.
During the 1940s, the Second World War took a heavy toll on the company. The production of silk stockings was banned, and Aristoc Ltd. had to offer space for aircraft production.

The 1950s brought much needed relief for the company, which stepped onto the path to progress again. It was during the 50s that an on-site dye facility was added to cut costs. In 1959, the first Italian made circular knitting machines were set up. The company was finally able to produce seam-free stockings.
During the 60s, pantyhose came into the picture. Aristoc began manufacturing pantyhose through a technology of joining separately knitted legs and bodies. It was during the 60s that the company first began to feel the pressure of hosiery imports.

The 70s saw hosiery move away from the practical leg-cover status it had thus far represented, towards the loftier fashion–accessory status. It was then that various shades, colors and textures were introduced by Aristoc. The new marketing approach proved extremely successful, so much so that the company set a new sales record in 1977.
The 80s were a great time for hosiery manufacturers, and among them for Aristoc too. Their range of styles went through a culling process, and only the best selling shades, styles and patterns were retained. A new generation of knitting hardware, complete with computerized patterns and coloring opened up a whole new chapter in the history of the company.
During the 90s, another game-changer appeared: lycra. Aristoc was the first hosiery manufacturer to incorporate lycra in its products, thus once again re-inventing pantyhose and nylons. The decade was also marked by various Television advertising campaigns and high profile partnerships (like the one with the English National Ballet). Sales continued to increase through the 90s.

The 2000s brought several challenges for hosiery makers, but by then, Aristoc had grown way too large and way too successful to significantly feel the squeeze. Successful product placement in movies like Moulin Rouge and Die Another Day, complemented by collaborations with high-profile fashion designers and fabulous marketing campaigns, made certain that Aristoc hosiery would continue to stand for the high quality and style standards set through the years.
New product ranges (like the Bodytoners) were also launched during the 2000s. The continued cooperation that the company has secured with various well-positioned fashion authorities is guaranteed to keep Aristoc in the top of hosiery manufacturing for a long time to come.
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