Ambra Hosiery

Ambra Hosiery    You may have read various reviews about Ambra pantyhose here and there, probably on the pages of this very site as well and wondered what Ambra was all about…
Ambra Corporation is currently one of the largest hosiery importers in Australia. Apparently, they do manufacture their own products, in addition to imported hosiery that they slap their own brand on. Regardless, the strict quality standards and the keen sense of innovation have turned the company into one of the most respected entities of the hosiery industry.

Founded in 1992, the company started out by distributing Levante hosiery in Australia. It soon broke into the New Zealand and UK hosiery markets too, growing into one of the most respected hosiery brands in those areas of the globe.
The Levante brand was soon joined by various other brands the group has managed to acquire over the year. The Ambra brand was acquired in 1998.
The Ambra Corporation is about much more than just pantyhose though. They offer seam-free body-wear and underwear too.

The Ambra products can be purchased in various locations throughout Australia and the UK, and the company is looking for new distributors all the time. If you’re from the US and you’re keen to sample the innovation and the high quality of Ambra products, you can purchase them online through various online hosiery shops or through ebay.

Through the launching of their Killer Figure collection, Ambra have proven to be a worthy alternative for Spanx products of similar nature. Their newest eco-friendly range of products represents an industry first as far as we know: they use bamboo fiber and organic cotton in various products from their legwear, body-wear and underwear ranges.
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