Pantyhose brands

pantyhose-brands    Pantyhose are manufactured by several companies out there in various shapes, styles and most importantly: in varying degrees of quality. When it comes to hosiery, quality is a much bigger issue than in the case of most other products. Quality can make the difference between a horrific hosiery-wearing experience and an exalting one. Quality is actually visually perceivable when it comes to nylons. The pantyhose-wearing public is extremely diverse as well. While some like hosiery on account of the degree of comfort it offers, others like the re-invigorating compression effect of the tights and still others aim only for the look. There are people for whom panty hose represent a fetish. For others it's a subtle fashion statement. Other folks like nylons for strictly practical reasons. The various pantyhose brands out there aim to cover all these needs and preferences, each and every one of them in its own way.

Price is also a factor. Some brands, on account of the quality they offer, are much more expensive than others. One won't be able to ever compare No Nonsense to Wolfordbut the prices will reflect that difference too. Many tights wearers may not know this, but not all hosiery brands presented to customers as standalone entities are indeed that. Some just slap their logo on someone else's creation, as part of an agreement between the two companies.
In order to make it easier for our visitors to navigate the often treacherous waters of the hosiery industry, we've compiled a page featuring many of the tights brands that were once or that are currently available, from around the world. We'll strive to make this list as complete as possible and we shall also try to provide information on many of the hosiery brands listed on this page.

A - Aristoc, Ambra
B - Boots, Bellinda, Bonnie Doon, Bebaroque
C - Cherie, Calvin Klein, C&A, Cecilia de Rafael, Celeste Stein, Charnos, Christian Dior, Couture, Cervin Paris, Cette, Cheri Lon, Comfort4Men
D - DKNY, Debenhams, Dunnes Stores, Diamond, Dolci Calze, Decatex, Dim, Desiree, Dorian Gray
E - Emilio Cavallini, Elle, Ergee, E-Taly, Elbeo
F - Falke, Fabiani, Filodoro, Fogal, Fiore, Franzoni, Fredericks of Hollywood
G -
Golden Lady, Gatta, Gerbe, Gaetano Cazzola, Gracia, Giorgio Armani, George at Asda, Gipsy, Givenchy, Gisselle, Glamour
H - Hanes, Hue, Hosieree, Hudson
I - Ibici
J - JOOP!, Jade, Jonathan Aston, Jose Eisenberg, Jasper Conran, Jonelle
K - Kunert, Knittex
L - Lady Sofia, Le Bourget, Levante, Lores, Leg Avenue, Levee, La Perla, Luisa Maria Lugli
M - Max Mara, Marks & Spencer, Michael Klein, MYway, Mura
N - No Nonsense, Nur Die, Nika
O - Oroblu, Omero, Ose, Orfe
P - Pierre Mantoux, Philippe Matignon, Pierre Cardin, Pretty Polly, Pompea, Palmers, Pamela, Primavera, Pamela Mann, P2 by Palmers, Penti
R - Razzamatazz, Religion, Red or Dead
S - Silkies, Sanpellegrino, Sarah Borghi, Sisi, Sock Shop, Strawberry Fields, Silky, Skinkiss, Solidea
T - Trasparenze, Tiffany Quinn
V - Veneziana, Victoria's Secret, Vega, Vogmate
W - Wolford, Wicked, Woolworths
Y - Yves Saint Laurent