Who buys shiny pantyhose?

who buys shiny pantyhose     Shiny pantyhose sales have apparently been going up in recent years. The uptick led manufacturers to investigate and they conducted polls to see exactly who bought shiny pantyhose and for what purposes. The rather shocking discovery was that around 40% of all shiny pantyhose purchases were made by men. While 60% is still a decent share for the ladies, this finding poses a question: has pantyhose fetishism really become that big? There is little doubt that lot of that pantyhose is purchased by fetishists, but 40% of the entire market is a little too big to pin on a category this small. There must be men purchasing nylons who do not use them for fetish purposes.

Indeed, male pantyhose have been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years too, but the phenomenon of men wearing tights for fashion still seems to be a fringe one at best. Those males who do wear pantyhose for such purposes are assumed to buy brands created for men and therefore they are not among the 40% who routinely shop for ladies' shiny tights.
Now then, assuming that some of these people buy pantyhose as a gift for a wife/girlfriend, it still leaves a large percentage of shiny pantyhose shoppers in the air so to speak. Who are these guys and for what do they use shiny pantyhose?
Apparently, when it comes to assessing the many uses of pantyhose, we're still only scratching the surface. It turns out there are entire categories of people out there who have different uses for our favorite waist-to-toe nylons, that we would never have figured out on our own.

This may come as a shock to you too, but did you know that soldiers and hunters are "generally known" to be fond of pantyhose? We didn't know that either but these outdoorsmen apparently enjoy the reduced chaffing and the protection that pantyhose offer from insect bites. OK, but do they really need the shiny kind of hose for that? Apparently they do…one does have to aim to be stylish even under the most extreme of circumstances after all.
Seriously though, if hose do indeed offer some degree of protection against tick-bites, then I can understand why these guys wear them. They aren't as bulky as some of the undergarments especially created for the outdoors, so that would be another plus.
Football players represent another category of male pantyhose wearers. I know what you're thinking and I wouldn't believe it either if it weren't for that Joe Namath pantyhose commercial that I came across the other day:

Now, if Namath wore pantyhose, who's to say today's players do not try to alleviate the effects of the often extreme weather conditions they play in that way too?

The bottom line: if pantyhose provide so many benefits for men, why is it that only 60% of shiny pantyhose buyers are women? After all, wearing shiny hose to the gym 80s style (in order to reduce chaffing and to enhance muscle tone) would be a no brainer today too.