Weird Pantyhose – or Footed Leggings Rather?

wet-look pantyhose January 25, 2012

   In the world of hosiery and pantyhose, there are surprises, and most of the time, these surprises are pleasant ones. Such was my surprise when I picked up a pair of some extremely peculiar tights, advertised as “second skin pantyhose”. I did run an internet search on these pantyhose afterwards and I only found them on offer in one online shop, so they are not widespread or particularly popular either. I have never seen them worn by anyone at work, in the street or anywhere else either. The bottom line about them: they are made of the same type of material used for shiny 80s style nylon-lycra leggings. Indeed, my pair features a 20% lycra and 80% nylon composition.

They look and feel like nylon lycra leggings, only the material is a hint thinner than that of leggings. Once on the legs, they do follow the lines of the leg well, they are snug and they do look good. They are extremely shiny, hence the wet-look adjective on their package. All-in all, these pantyhose are like extremely fine leggings (the material isn’t transparent at all) with feet. You can’t really wear them as pantyhose, but they work well as leggings. They do tend to wrinkle a little around the knees and they are a tad cumbersome at the toes. Other than that, they are superb. Everyone who likes shiny lycra leggings or just nylon/lycra in general, should pick up a pair. They don’t come cheap though. Mine cost about €52 and since there aren’t really many online merchants that carry them, you won’t really be able to shop around for cheaper ones. Also, I have no way of knowing for sure, but I have a hunch these pantyhose are only available in black as seen in the picture above.

Do these pantyhose cross into the realm of fetish? They definitely do, but then again there are many fetish-inspired mainstream pantyhose designs out there. They definitely offer the wearer a unique experience and if you’re a hosiery fan, you should definitely pick them up: you will not be disappointed.