The return of pantyhose

pantyhose graph     Pantyhose have been considered "on their last legs" for a while now. Pantyhose haters are still busy blasting away at hosiery on various blogs, and even high-profile personalities like First Lady Michelle Obama have expressed their lack of affinity towards nylons. Many women simply shudder when they hear about pantyhose, but it looks like the wind of change is already blowing. The time for the waist-to-toe nylons to make a return is now. While the general populace would probably disagree with that assertion, one can't ignore the signs which are more and more numerous and clearly spelled-out. Legg's, the leading US hosiery-maker, have just launched their first TV advertising campaign in an impressive number of years, taking aim at a younger consumer-segment, thus heralding a potentially new age in hosiery history.

Even more poignant messages concerning the return of pantyhose can be found on various fashion runways, for years the scenes of exclusively bare-legged showdowns.
Despite all the negative vibe, fashion always finds a way to resurrect items long considered relics of the past. The same thing happened with leggings, and now apparently, pantyhose are next.
Miu Miu's fall show was the scene on which pantyhose have reared their waistbands and sheer legs for the first time following an impressively long dry-spell. That show alone failed to raise any flags for the general public, even though connoisseurs were already on to something.
Pantyhose continued to appear in other landmark fashion shows too, like Derek Lam's and Gil Deacon's, refusing to be ignored and making their presence felt in a welcome spell of modesty following an era of an increasingly "reveal it all" attitude.
Hosiery lovers shouldn't be shy to rejoice. Though the above described signs are highly subjective indeed, mathematics finally seem to prop up the hosiery rebound theory too. That's correct. After years and years of getting used to hearing only bad news as far as pantyhose sales were concerned, the hosiery industry breathed a huge sigh of relief last September, when the numbers finally turned northward, showing a 4.9% increase in sales for the preceding 4 months.

Quite probably the best news for nylon lovers is that Hollywood, long known for continuing to buck the bare legged trend, has lately seen an explosion of nylon-clad legs in some of its most powerful circles no less.
Executive circles never really got around to ridding themselves of the waist-to-toe nylons either. A clear mark of stylishness and credibility, pantyhose are bound to make a huge comeback outside of these traditionally pro-hosiery groups too.