The Hasselhoffs: shiny legging fans?

the hasselhoffs    I know this is a pantyhose blog and therefore it'd be kind of proper if we kept it pantyhose only, but shiny nylon-lycra leggings are hosiery after all (aren't they?) so they do fit the category just fine.
I shamefully admit it was only the other day I found out about the new "Hogan Knows Best" type of reality show which is set to premiere today apparently, and something caught my eye from the get-go. Among the several promo pictures portraying single dad and Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff and his two daughters there was one which had daughter Hayley wearing a pair of what looked like 80s style shiny nylon-lycra leggings.

That's right. Not the modern, rubberized/wet-look legging style, but by the looks of it, as genuine a pair of black shiny 80's nylon lycra leggings as possible. Now then, I don't know a whole lot about the Hasselhoff girls, neither about their leggings/pantyhose wearing ways, but I'll have to assume, that given their position, these young women are well in-tune with the times, if not on the cutting edge of fashion even, an assumption well supported by their overall chiseled and stylish appearance. My point is, think again before yelling "the 80s called and they want their clothes back!" Pretty soon, you may see more such leggings on the streets or in a store (gym?) near you.
Here's a small intro on the up and coming reality show "The Hasselhoffs":

If you place close attention, you may catch a glimpse of The Hoff's other daughter, Taylor Ann, wearing similar hosiery.
We here at are shiny pantyhose and leggings fans and as such, we'll always review such events on favorable terms. We don't expect you to agree of course, but think about it like this: do you really want to hassle the Hoffs? Didn't think so…