The Great Pantyhose Debate

pantyhose debate    What’s the great pantyhose debate? Is there such a thing at all? You bet there is! Pantyhose are apparently one subject that never fails to incite bad blood between two opposing camps: that of the hosiery lovers and that of the nylon haters. It’s quite insane, but whenever you post something pantyhose-related, taking one side or the other in the pantyhose debate, you’re pretty much guaranteed to receive some unusually passionate feedback, with some people taking the debate far beyond your comfort-zone. Where is the truth in this debate though? As it’s most often the case, it’s somewhere in the middle.

Pantyhose haters always depict and picture hosiery in the shape of a Saturday Night Live style little-old lady, wearing ill-fitting nylons to church. Proper hosiery is about everything but that though. Those little-old ladies didn’t have a whole lot of options when it came to picking up hosiery. Nowadays, pantyhose manufacturers have developed a myriad of colors, styles, materials and have made their products available in just about every imaginable size.
Today’s woman is able to pick pantyhose in the exact shade that matches her skin. She can get the size that quite literally suits her like a glove. As they say, these pantyhose are not your grandmother’s pantyhose anymore. Pantyhose haters choose to ignore all these facts as they maintain that pantyhose are not only passé, they’re also unaesthetic and decry lack of sophistication (and fashion-sense) on the part of the wearer.

Pantyhose lovers on the other hand tend to be fetishists with small exceptions, therefore, their opinions can’t really be factored in from a fashion perspective. Those however who do not nurture a fetishistic attraction to nylons are seldom able to explain why they like pantyhose.
There are people out there who do not represent either side of the dispute and who wear pantyhose simply because they regard the bare-legged option unacceptable for whatever reason. These women can definitely not be accused of not caring about how they look or about stubbornly clinging to a closed chapter in fashion history. They like pantyhose because it makes them feel better. They like hosiery because they like the look it creates. Simple as that. This attitude is the middle road, and in this instance, it represents the solution to the great pantyhose debate.
Yes, there are pantyhose out there which fit the SNL little-old lady mold perfectly. Obviously, there are pantyhose that definitely don’t and that enhance the wearer’s appearance in a variety of more or less subtle and fresh ways. It all boils down to how skilled and versed one is in choosing the right kind of pantyhose.
Here are a few basic pointers in this respect, although one needs to bear on mind that for every occasion there are pantyhose dos and pantyhose don’ts that simply cannot be summed up in a brief form anywhere.

 - When choosing pantyhose, one should make certain she picks the color that matches her skin complexion as close as possible.
 - The size: this is quite probably the most important factor. The size needs to be spot on, nothing short of that will do.
 - Proper grooming: on perfectly shaved/waxed legs, pantyhose do not itch. The itching is mostly due to full or residual hairs that get stuck under the nylon material. The wearer will barely feel that she has pantyhose on if she takes care of all the above issues.
 - Last but definitely not least: the quality/price of the pantyhose. Many women buy the cheapest type of pantyhose, yet they expect the sort of quality only delivered by high-end hosiery. In the case of hosiery, quality is pretty much always accurately reflected in the price of the product.