The best pantyhose in the world

best pantyhose     Which are the best pantyhose in the world? Which brand? Which style? I wish I could tell you that as long as they're sheer and silky enough, all pantyhose are great, but it's not that easy. Just pointing to a certain brand and style won't cut it either. While I may think those hose are indeed the best nylons in the world, it's almost certain you'll like a different one more. How you grade a pair of tights comes down to what you're looking for in pantyhose. For most women, this search is about comfort as well as appearance, after all, pantyhose are highly visual by nature, so whenever you put on a pair, you're aiming to achieve a certain visual impact with them. Otherwise you'd just settle for baggy jeans, right?
Cheap pantyhose tend to be uncomfortable, cumbersome and they tend to develop runs easier than the more expensive brands. That makes it obvious that the woman searching for the perfect pair of hose has three different facets to marry off: looks, price and comfort. Since these factors tend to work in a rock-paper-scissor like manner, the task is much more daunting than it would first appear.

First thing's first: your very reason for wearing pantyhose is to achieve a certain look, which means that image is more important than anything when it comes to tights. After all, would you wear some hideously patterned thick hose just because they're comfortable? Didn't think so. Find a style that you like (for me that would probably be something in the tan to white color range, shiny and as sheer as possible with a T-top and a snug fit, but I also like other styles too), then aim to find some quality tights within that style, and within a price range that you deem reasonable.
A study conducted a while ago involving several women, and several generic as well as quality pantyhose brands has ended up revealing the obvious: pantyhose that cost more are usually much more comfortable, durable and often they look better too. The above mentioned study included pantyhose in several different price-ranges. JC Penney Sheer Toes Nude Heel hose (about $2), Hanes Silk reflections (about $5.50) and Donna Karan style 265 ($12) as well as a couple of other brands were used.
At the end of the testing period, the Donna Karan was the clear winner as far as quality was concerned. Participants appreciated a whole bunch of special features like the inch-wide waistband, the weave around the crotch area which made the hose more durable as well as the overall silky feel. Some of the participants in the test deemed the Donna Karan nylons perfectly wearable after 2 months of testing.
The cheaper brands didn't last nearly that long. The interesting thing about the test was that even though the Donna Karans were preferred by most of the participants, when it came to actually buying them, the majority of them said they would never spend $12 on a pair of pantyhose.
Even though pantyhose sales have been in a steady nose-dive since the 90s, the industry is still a multi-billion dollar one in the US alone. How is it that women continue to buy that many pantyhose? Some may be in search of the perfect pair forever. Others may just be keeping up with pantyhose fashion trends. Still others may just be in love with the feel and the look offered by tights.