Sleeping in pantyhose

sleeping in pantyhose    Before I get any deeper into this matter, the inevitable question rears its head: why would anyone want to sleep in pantyhose? There can be a number of reasons, from being a staunch fetishist and exploring new nylon fetishism horizons, to having to sleep in a place cold enough to justify the wearing of pantyhose.
As somebody who has slept in pantyhose a number of times out of curiosity, I'm here to tell you it is not such a great idea. As a matter of fact, I'd advise against it with the exception of some rare and special circumstances.
Why is sleeping in pantyhose a bad idea for fetishists? Assuming that the feel of hose is a turn-on for these guys, being constantly aroused while trying to go to sleep (or even in one's sleep) will not make for a good night's sleep, thereby it defeats the very purpose of sleep. Be aroused when you're awake and aim for rest when you're supposed to be sleeping.
The rest of the intrepid pantyhose explorers will find that sleeping in waist to toe nylons can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. Here's why in brief: in a properly heated room, wearing nylons and sleeping on top of your blanket will leave you woefully exposed and cold: not a good way to spend a night. Getting under your blanket on the other hand will make for the sweatiest/clingiest night's sleep you've ever had: again, not an ideal sleeping environment. Needless to say, the whole setup is not exactly a healthy one for your skin either.
In order for pantyhose and sleep to mix you need the sort of temperature in the room that would leave you a little cold even when you're under the blanket. In such cases, wearing pantyhose to sleep in is in fact a decent idea, although chances are that after you fall asleep, the encasement will still turn into a sweaty prison for your lower body after a while.

The bottom line: pantyhose were not made for people to sleep in, therefore you shouldn't use them for that, unless you want to experiment or you're a hardcore pantyhose fetishist.
Another reason why you should not wear hose to bed is that it's not a hot idea for the tights either: as you toss and turn in your sleep, wrapped up among the sheets and the blankets, you stand an excellent chance to ruin a perfectly fine pair of nylons without ever noticing it. Everything considered, if I were to give you just one piece of advice about sleeping in pantyhose it would have to be: don't.