Plus Size Hosiery

plus size hosiery June 28, 2011

   There has long been a myth about fuller figured women and pantyhose/hosiery not making a comfortable/visually appealing combination. The roots of that myth are easy to identify though. We all know how important it is to pick the right size pantyhose. It’s safe to say that when it comes to hosiery, size is pretty much everything. Given the fact that a plus-sized customer will find it much more difficult to get hosiery in her specific size-range (or that she will often aim lower size-wise out of vanity), the main problem is quite clear: sizing. Whether or not hosiery looks good on full figured women is a non-issue for us, therefore we’ll simple let the pictures attached to this post do the talking in this respect.

As said above, the biggest problem for plus sized ladies when shopping around for pantyhose is the fact that many stores simply do not carry plus-sized hosiery. It is not an American-only trend either. A few days ago I checked out a few online hosiery shops based in Europe and they seemed to top their size-range off at size IV (refer to our pantyhose sizes page to see what European size IV means) too. What’s a full-figured lady to do if she too wants to take full advantage of the look/feel of hosiery?

The answer to that is to look for an online lingerie/hosiery shop that caters for plus size customers. There are plenty of such outlets out there these days, all one needs to do is to run a search on “plus size hosiery” or “plus size pantyhose” and a whole bunch of useful results will pop right up.

The fact that it’s the plus-size department we’re talking about doesn’t mean full-figured women will have to settle for second grade hosiery either. These days, all the top styles are available in plus sizes, in the best quality available out there.

plus size hosiery Some of the top hosiery manufacturers have now made their products available in larger than usual sizes too. A word of caution though if you plan on picking up pantyhose which you suspect will fit you fine despite the smaller nominal size on them: this theory doesn’t always work. Make sure you know what you’re about to purchase by reading up on the product in the pantyhose review sections of various hosiery sites.
Ladies interested in purchasing some more extreme and playful hosiery items like bodystockings should not be discouraged either. There are plenty of such items available in plus sizes online. Worried that you may not look good enough in such body stockings? Put those worries to the rest. Provided you pick up a properly-sized item, you WILL look like a million bucks in it and we can pretty much guarantee that.