Pippa Middleton Looking Good in Nude Pantyhose

pippa middleton in pantyhose June 21, 2011

   Ever since THE Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa has apparently become something of a fashion icon. What exactly does it take to become such an icon these days? Celebrity status apparently and it doesn’t even matter how that status is attained. Anyway, we here at pantyhose-pantyhose.com would not care a great deal about Pippa Middleton’s fashion icon status, if it weren’t for the fact that on May 30, in Paris no less, she stepped out of a locale/hotel/whatever it was in shiny tan pantyhose. The fashion world screamed “Murder” straight away, quick to bill her choice of legwear the "ultimate pantyhose sin".

Now then, for hosiery lovers (and yes, that includes shiny pantyhose which is on its way back too, take that haters) like ourselves, this simple and straightforward act immediately raised Pippa onto something of a heroic pedestal. Yes, we know pantyhose are on their way back indeed and we know that shiny hosiery will one day return to its 80s-90s popularity, but one has to admit there’s definitely special significance in seeing shiny hosiery worn by someone of Pippa’s distinction and taste.

Even as some scream that she has just betrayed mainstream fashion, or that she has just committed one of the most obvious fashion faux-pas, we can’t help but notice how great and stylishly smooth and simple her legs look in proper hosiery. If she is a true fashion icon indeed, wouldn’t that mean the she should be free of the fashion-boundaries (like the Godawful bare-legged look) that tie commoners? Isn’t the bold exploration of the unusual (which also happens to be chic and hot in this instance) what a fashion icon does?
The bottom line is: all we can say is three cheers for Pippa for her choice of hosiery. Those critical of this look should also take it into account that over in jolly old England, the unwritten fashion rules may differ quite a bit from the mainstream US standards too. Now all she needs to do is to complete that look with some equally hot stilettos and gain a few hundred thousand more fashion-followers in an eye-blink.