Pierre Mantoux Two Stars Pantyhose – Limited Edition Tights for High-End Customers

pierre mantoux two stars pantyhose January 3, 2013

    We wish that we could review these pantyhose and feature them in our review section instead of the blog, but unfortunately that is not possible, unless we can dig deep enough to spend €365.94 (~$483) because that’s how much they cost. We felt we still needed to mention them on the pages of this website for a couple of reasons. Firstly: these are quite possibly the best pantyhose ever made. Secondly: there were only 6 of them made, which means that when they eventually get ruined and phased out (unless they land with a collector) all records regarding the best pantyhose in the world will have been obliterated for good.
Another reason would be that these pantyhose represent the first time ever Pierre Mantoux have ventured to release limited edition hosiery.

Again: unlike the pantyhose featured in our reviews section, we haven’t actually been able to try these tights, and even if we did decide to pick one up, it would probably end up in a display case at company headquarters and we wouldn’t actually open the package.
Well, anyway, here’s the basic data concerning what could well be the best hosiery in the world: the base material features an 80 DEN weight, which means it should be quite sturdy (and for the above said cost, that would indeed be a basic requirement). The makeup of the material is 96% nylon and 4% lycra. The pantyhose have been designed at request, and they are therefore only available at UKtights. Swarovski elements adorn the legs, and the base layer is only available in black.

These pantyhose don’t just represent the culmination of months of back and forth between UKtights and Pierre Mantoux, they represent an entirely new hosiery standard. Whoever decides to attempt to create something exquisite and truly outstanding in the future hosiery-wise, he/she will have these pantyhose to best…