Pantyhose Politics – Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and hosiery

sarah palin in pantyhose     A while ago, it has become clear that the Nation's First Lady wasn't exactly fond of hosiery. Michelle Obama paid a visit to The View, where – among other, much more essential things – she also addressed the issue of pantyhose. View host Barbara Walters brought up the issue of nylons, stating that she was on the fence about whether to wear them or not. She also said that for the special occasion she did decide to slip into a pair, out of respect for the First Lady. Michelle Obama said she wasn't really wearing hosiery anymore because of how prone tights were to develop unsightly runs. She also said something along the lines that her tall frame prevented her from finding truly fitting hosiery.
Not so long ago, pantyhose were pretty much a must for a woman in an official position, whether she was a high school principal or a Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton seems to wear them all the time too, and one couldn't catch glimpse of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice without hosiery on either. Indeed, Michelle Obama seemed to have grown fonder of nylons after she became First Lady too, but apparently, she didn't start wearing nylons more often of her own accord; it was obviously an etiquette issue that she eventually decided to rebel against.
Now then, are there well-founded reasons behind Michelle Obama's apparent hatred for pantyhose, or is it just a personal grudge she holds against hosiery? She says she rips her pantyhose all the time. She also says she's unable to find a size that fits her…

The truth is, modern hosiery is quite a bit more resilient when it comes to runs and snags than the pantyhose of say the 80s-90s. Of course, to get the maximum number of wears out of a pair, the size does indeed have to be spot on. That shouldn't be a problem either though. While the First Lady is indeed above average when it comes to height, there is quality hosiery out there manufactured in sizes that would fit ladies much larger than her without any sort of problems.
Does the fact that Michelle Obama hates pantyhose pile more pressure on the quickly whittling popularity of the garment in the US? It probably does, but then again, it's much more likely to only make pantyhose haters hate more and pantyhose lovers love their nylons more.

While the First Lady is definitely a fashion trend-setter these days too, her choice of style is not likely to have a huge impact on youngsters, and when it comes to future fashion trends, that's the category we should look to, and that's the category that hosiery manufacturers like Hanes have taken an aim at lately.

Talking about women in powerful positions though: not all of them seem to hate pantyhose as much as the First Lady. Sarah Palin is a clear example in this respect. The 2008 vice-presidential candidate doesn't seem to leave home without her pantyhose on, at least not when it comes to any type of official events. Whether she likes to have hose on or not is a different question, although she has been known to wear hosiery in more informal situations too (see photo above). If one were to ask her about it though, she'd probably say she does, if for no other reason than only to position herself opposite of Michelle Obama on the matter.